Kluge 1945

Original Delivery Wagon


Melvin Joseph Sires, Sr. (B: 4-3-1882 - D: 2-27-1945) began working for  Charles Smith & George Watson when he was a young man.  After the death of George, Melvin Sires purchased Smith & Watson Printing in 1919 from George Watson's wife for the sum of $6,000.  Charles Smith, who was a working partner worked for Melvin until the 1930's, unknown date of death or retirement.

Ralph Murrah Sires (B: 3-23-1910 - D: 3-28-1994) was sent by his father, Melvin Sires, Sr. to Mergenthaler Linotype Company in New Orleans, LA to learn the linotype (new way of setting type) operation for the printing trade in the early 1930's.  In 1945, when his father passed, Ralph and his brother Melvin Sires, Jr. became partners of Smith & Watson Printing.

Ralph Mathews "Chip" Sires, Sr. (B: 3-26-1942 - D: 10-25-2008), son of Ralph Murrah worked in the business off and on during his high school years.  In 1962, Chip decided to leave his present job and join his father in the family business. After the retirement of Melvin Jr. in 1981, Ralph and Chip then became the sole owners of Smith & Watson Printing.  In the mid 1980's, Ralph retired leaving the majority of his shares to Chip and the rest to his grandson Ralph Mathews "Mat" Sires, Jr. son of Chip.